The Midnight Beast + Unicorn Kid (O2 Academy, Bournemouth – 6/10/12) ★★★★☆

By: editor

Dear Mr.DJ, who are you? Tell me your name! I walked in to this gig to find a lone, cap wielding man with a Mac blaring out some incredible bass heavy noise. I have no idea who he is, he doesn’t get a mention on the line-up, but what a warm up! Cooking up a storm with what I guess the kids these days call Dubstep, head down, nodding and strictly business. He doesn’t utter a word to the crowd, but this man was one of my highlights!

As for the main support act, this came in the form of Scottish electro fiend, Unicorn Kid.  I have to admit, after being so blown away by the noise made by our unknown DJ, this set seemed fairly generic by comparison. A very good set of tunes, just nothing groundbreaking. In fact, it actually felt quite nostalgic at times, taking me back to my early teens. Trance compilations by Dave Pearce. Not necessarily a bad thing, but nothing particularly new. This Kid really knows how to work a crowd though, there was dancing, hands in the air, screaming (there was a lot of screaming tonight). He didn’t seem to say a huge amount, but what he did say worked, apparently. Maybe his hyperactivity had become infectious, leaping about behind his set up of electronic noise making gadgetry, he hardly stands still! I think he can chalk this up as a success.

You know you’re getting old when you have a clear view of the stage over a sea of heads and you can’t help but think they’re all dressed rather silly. It’s ridiculously immature, maybe that would explain the crowd The Midnight Beast has pulled in tonight, but then isn’t that the point? This isn’t grown up music, but your inner dick joke, toilet humour loving child can’t help but laugh. As long as that’s what you came here to do, you’ll be going home content. As long as you realise this is a comedy act, not a band. The interaction between the guys on stage is all scripted, none of it seems spontaneous. Even the cry of “What’s up Bournemouth!?” has probably been used at every venue with [insert town name here] at the end of the sentence. But then that’s what you’d expect at a stand up show, because that’s what it is, a show. Even their movements feel choreographed, obviously at times they’re supposed to, leaping in to hilarious dance routines. The back up dancers were absolutely brilliant! The moves were hideously cheesy, but seemingly intentionally so. Genius. At one point though, with all three members on the tip of the stage, dancing in synch, singing what appears on the surface to be childish melodies to a crowd full of kids who couldn’t be older than early teens screaming back at them, I couldn’t help but feel like I was at a Jonas Brothers concert. I aged another ten years in about two seconds. They have the kids here eating out the palms of their hands, launching in to screams that are just short of being audible only to cats. Everything they say is greeted with these screams. Everything they do, screams. In fact, I believe that if The Midnight Beast were to strip off to reveal swastikas etched in to their skin with sharp stones, yelling “Hail H**ler!”, this audience would scream with joy as the few parents who may be waiting round the edges look on in horror. But, in terms of the music, these guys were great fun! Every track is performed with surgical precision and perfect comedy timing. You won’t feel like you’ve seen the musical equivalent of the second coming, but you’ll have a fat grin on your face and the chorus to Strategy W**king playing over and over until you finally manage to fall asleep.

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