Griever – Rebirthing EP ★★★★☆

By: editor

Once you get past the horror flick sounds that introduce this EP, Griever have created a solid collection of satisfyingly chunky Metalcore. It would have been nice had the intro actually built up in to the first proper track…but instead it just ends. Bit of an anti-climax to be honest. Perhaps an idea for the next EP?

The real songs here though are very well put together, if a bit short on individual ideas. They sound great, with some real head banging riffs and relentless screaming, bringing to mind genre heavyweights Parkway Drive and Killswitch Engage.

These tracks are built to get people moving and sweaty, I can’t help but nod away just listening on my own. The urge to jump around in a live setting would be hard to resist, Griever certainly know their way around a decent breakdown! There are moments of respite to be found, most notably as Smoke & Mirrors takes a moment to chill before leading in to final track My Captain, My King. In fact, this calm before the storm is actually one of the highlights for me. As I mentioned, there does seem to be a shortage of ideas here, with several sections sounding more and more familiar as you make your way through the 5 songs on display (not including the intro). Too many times I heard the same blast beat lead verse and the same extended scream intro. So it was refreshing to hear something that hadn’t yet made it in to one of the other tracks. Special mention should also go to the almost haunting solo at the end of My Captain, My King. A very pleasant surprise amidst the endless brutality.

It always feels like a bit of a cop out to me, having the chorus repeat until the song fades out as seen at the end of this EP. But none the less, Griever have mastered the Metalcore formula and I’m definitely excited to see what they follow this up with! It may have been done before, but these boys do it as good as any of them. So if their aforementioned peers float your boat, I highly recommend you check out Rebirthing and keep an eye out for the big G.



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