Colour The Atlas – Amethyst ★★★★★

By: editor

With the twin vocal approach Colour The Atlas deliver through Jess and Alex, Amethyst is almost reminiscent of minimalist indie stars The XX. Though not as sparse in sound and with Jess undoubtedly at the forefront, these guys follow an equally chilled out path.

There are haunting, spiraling vocal melodies to get completely lost in here, and these couldn’t be more perfectly matched with the rest of the band. Here is a group of musicians totally in sync with each other. Nobody is trying to outshine the others, they work in harmony to create this beautifully crafted 4 track EP.

Amethyst is effortless and natural. Nothing is forced. It invokes a connection with the listener that puts the band right there in the room with you. With Colour The Atlas you are amongst friends.

So prepare to sit back, grab a cup of tea, relax and lose yourself to the soothing yet haunting sounds of Swindon’s finest.

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