Flower Fellow – The Rabbit ★★★★★

By: editor

The Rabbit is mainly, though not entirely, an acoustic driven affair, and it’s during these acoustic moments where it impresses the most. I think Flower Fellow (aka Colette Olive) may have just invented the Power Folk genre, in particular with leading track The Rabbit. These songs sound huge without being over the top and drowning in layered instruments. The epic moments are delivered here simply through the vocals of the incredibly talented Colette and some booming drums that wouldn’t sound out of place in a war march.

Second track The Yellow Line features the only heavier moments with some oddly 90’s rock sounding guitar. After the initial surprise though, I soon forgot about how out of place I originally thought this sounded, I can’t really fault any of the songs here. There’s so many great ideas on display and every chorus is one to stick in your head long after you’ve hit the stop button.

Lyrically and musically this is a very ambitious set of tracks, and with only three on this EP it’ll be interesting to see if Flower Fellow can keep up this quality. Personally, I don’t doubt it. Colette has talent aplenty and I can’t wait to hear more!

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