Zuby Interview Part 2

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Bourne 2 Go Out were lucky enough to spend some time chatting to Bournemouth Hip-Hop Artist Zuby.  Please find Part 1 of this interview Here. In Part 2 we focus on Health and Fitness. We find out what’s in store in the future for the rapper and how we can officially be “down with Zuby”.


You have over 19,000 Facebook fans, 13,000 twitter followers and over 800,000 Youtube Views, I suppose you have a lot to thank to Social Media?

Social media is great for reaching people all over the world and staying in touch with existing fans. I’m not reliant at all on it though because nothing beats connecting with a person in real life, whether it’s from the stage or on the street. Some artists have harnessed it very well but it’s simply another tool in the box, not a cheat code.

Funnily enough, as someone who’s not afraid to hustle, I actually reckon I would have been more successful in the pre-Internet age – certainly in terms of sales! But there are pros and cons to everything so it’s best to embrace the technology and make it work for you.


How do you feel about the support you have received so far, locally and nationally?

I’m grateful for every single person who listens to and supports my music. Of course I want to reach millions, but it’s a marathon not a sprint. I honestly don’t consider myself successful yet but I recognise that any success or relative level of fame I’ve achieved is because of my supporters. Yes I’ve put in the hard work but without fans, what is an artist? I don’t think that I’m above everyone else.


You have hosted the Urban Tent again this year at the Bournemouth 7’s Festival, was it fun?

Definitely! This was the third year in a row and the Urban Tent always goes off!


Do you find that other musicians look up to you?

Some do, yes. What’s weird is that you never really know who is watching and listening. I’ve had many people (both fans and other artists) tell me that I inspire them, when I didn’t even know that they were aware of my existence.


What is it like being an artist based in Bournemouth?

I have some really amazing supporters in Bournemouth but I would love to see more of a community and live music scene here across all genres. There is certainly more that could be done to support local artists in comparison to other towns in the UK that provide dedicated schemes and opportunities for musicians.


What advice would you give to those seeking to get into this industry?

Master your craft, create great art, find your fans and connect with them. Don’t worry about ‘getting noticed’ until you’re ready to be. Don’t look for shortcuts.


For those that have yet to see you perform live, what can people expect to see?

Energy, showmanship and connection!


There seems to be a lot of ‘keeping fit’ videos on the internet, with the media and society putting particular emphasis and pressure on body image and others perceptions, how do you feel about this?

I think that physical and mental health are incredibly important. You only have one body and it’s always on display to yourself and others, so you should look after it. It’s not purely about vanity. It’s about self-respect and personal development.


What does you’re regime consist of?

My training mainly consists of weightlifting – both bodybuilding and powerlifting principles. I train 4-5 times per week and keep my nutrition in check. I’ve done this for over 10 years though so it’s ingrained in me. I don’t have to obsess over it. Watch my fitness videos on YouTube… seriously. There’s too much to explain here but in summary: make the commitment and work towards it daily. Excuses are lame.


When you’re on tour how do you keep up a healthy balanced diet and exercise?

It’s not incredibly difficult. I just find a gym wherever I happen to be and try to make decent food choices. I managed to find gyms to train at in Serbia, Poland, Romania and Estonia; if you really want to lift, you can!


Performing on stage must be a work out in itself right?

For sure! I reckon 1,000 calories burned at least.


What is in store for Zuby in the near future?

I feel like I have a giant jigsaw puzzle and can see the final image. I’m just working on piecing it together…


Fancy hooking us up with something exclusive ☺ ?

Expect to see growth and refinement across all areas: music, apparel and fitness. I have a lot to offer in all three.

I’ve also been filming an episode for an upcoming documentary called ‘Inside The Music’ that will give an insight into the life of an independent musician.


To be an official fan, tell us how exactly we can be ‘down with Zuby’?

Listen to my music (and tell a friend!), come to a live show and/or buy a T-shirt! If you enjoy and support what I do then you are ‘down with Zuby’. It’s that simple and everyone is welcome on Team Zuby.


Thank you for your time, is there anything else you would like to add?

You’re welcome, thanks for the interview. You can keep up to date with everything at www.ZubyMusic.com and find my merchandise at www.TeamZuby.com. Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.



Zuby has also announced a headline show at The Winchester, Bournemouth ( Saturday 25th July)


Check out  Zuby on: TwitterFacebook and Official Website





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