Wolf Alice – My Love Is Cool ★★★★★

By: editor

My Love Is Cool is a wonderfully dreamy collection of spaced out indie pop songs. Pop songs with the occasional slab of snarling, grungy rock and roll attitude. Think Queen Adreena meets Explosions In The Sky…is that possible? Wolf Alice seem to have done it!

One minute they’re floating through the music amid haunting vocals and chilled out guitars, then their dark side shows itself and all out riffage smacks you in the face. It’s a great combination that brings variety without sounding disjointed and random. Wolf Alice have a serious knack for trying everything and having it flow seamlessly throughout, experimental done properly.

This is an album you could really get lost in, it’s begging for repeat listens! There’s so many different layers here I want to re-visit, there’s just too much to take in and fully appreciate on the first time….My Love Is Cool is an album that just expands every time you listen to it, getting better and better with every play through. My Love Is Cool is a fine wine, only getting better with age. 

These guys don’t play it safe here, they take risks, and these risks have paid off big time! It’s these surprises and strange directions that have made this album the masterpiece it is. Too many bands are afraid to try different things, to step out of their comfort zone. They know what’s safe and they stick to that. Those bands get boring after 5 minutes, My Love Is Cool may have what it takes to become timeless….I certainly can’t see it getting old right now.


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