Cosm – The Aptatude Test ★★★★★

By: editor

Bournemouth’s home grown hero Cosm is back, he’s not brought producer buddy Cheebo with him this time though. After two top quality releases together he’s decided he needs to break free and see other people….though hopefully it’s more open relationship than full on break up. For this outing Cosm has teamed up with the equally as awesome Aptatude, hence the title reference.

It’s not really a massive departure from his work with Cheebo, there’s still the laid back boom-bap style and lazy vibe. Aptatude seems to favour the simplistic approach to beat making; piano and drums for the most part. This is no bad thing, it suits Cosm’s carefree lyrical style and delivery perfectly. It helps to keep things chilled out….these aren’t club bangers, these are clever, more thoughtful pieces of fine hip-hop. Made for the real hip-hop heads, not necessarily the people getting down to Lil John in the clubs. It’s humble with a real world level of attitude, none of the puffed out chest bravado prevalent in the genres more mainstream offerings.

Cosm is keeping it old school, real….and he knows how to pick the right producers to compliment his style. A true hidden gem that needs to find its way in to every self respecting hip-hop fan’s collection. And this is free! Can’t go wrong!


Make sure you download the EP Here!


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