Leftfield – Alternative Light Source ★★★★★

By: editor

Leftfield has returned after a daunting 16 years away, and now with only one half of the legendary duo (Neil Barnes) carrying the torch…with a little help from some friends taking guest appearances. Alternative Light Source deals with a more chilled out brand of electronic music. The hard beats are still there, but this isn’t really music to bounce around like a loon to. Basically, this is electronic music that’s tailored for the listener rather than the dancer and that’s all good in my book! Think Salem gone pop.

This drop in speed combined with the pulsating beats and distant throbbing bass lines give it a numb, almost dreamy sound. Almost as if you’re only semi-conscious, floating through a cloud of fluffy sound (that’s a thing) and struggling to really focus on anything tangible. Occasionally, Alternative Light Source injects a bit of volume and power to bring you out of your hypnotic trance, but soon sucks you back in to it’s own blurry dimension.

When an album can take your mind away from you like this, to have you totally zone out of the real world and spend some quality time with the music, you know you’ve hit jackpot.

Leftfield has created a work of synthetic beauty, one to truly get lost in. Simply stunning!



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