James Arthur (O2 Academy, Bournemouth – 16/06/15) ★★★★★

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X-Factor winner James Arthur played at the Bournemouth 02 Academy last night after having been forced to cancel last month’s final tour date due to Laryngitis, so it’s nice to see he didn’t forget about that little debt!

The crowd is an eclectic sort, with fans of all ages here to show their support. It’s clear that many of the fans spotted here tonight have been supporting the singer since his incredible first Audition for 2012’s season of X-Factor.

Surprisingly, there is no support act for this show….which I have to admit feels a little strange. This has to be the first gig that I have attended where there hasn’t been an opening act to warm up the audience. Consequently this leaves everyone waiting for nearly 2 hours from time the doors are opened to the moment James steps on to the stage….I can’t help but feel that maybe a proper distraction would have made the wait less grueling. But saying that, although an unusual tactic, it may have just worked in the Middlesbrough musician’s favour as the anticipation reaches fever pitch just in time for his big entrance.

Surprised faces and inner sighs of relief flood the 02 Academy as onlookers realise that we are not about to be greeted by a painfully late support act, but instead the man himself. Sporting a backwards cap and rock star shades, James Arthur bounds on the stage, the crowd going wild. Looks like the audience didn’t need warming up at all, they’re ready!

The appropriately named tour, “The Story so far”, has been just that. James interacts with the crowd at every given opportunity. Even joking how jealous he is that AFC Bournemouth have been promoted to the premier league. The Show takes his audience on a journey through his life, from his hard and humble beginnings living in a 1 bedroom flat, begging friends and family for £5 to put on the electricity meter, to the auditioning stages and the winning of X-factor. Followed of course by his more controversial phase. James thanks everyone for all their continued support throughout his life and concludes that he has grown up and has learnt a lot, the most significant being that, love for one another is the most important thing in life.

Throughout the gig, James spectacularly covers popular tracks from Miley Cyrus (“Wrecking Ball”), Adele (“Hometown”) and Tulisa (“Young”). However, firm favourites for the crowd tonight are his own material including his number 1 single “Impossible” , “Recovery” and personal favourite “Certain Things”. Through all these different genres that James tries his Fender strumming hand at, he truly doesn’t disappoint, with an incredible voice showing raw emotion delivered straight from the heart. James really gives it his all tonight as if he still has something to prove. His amazing vocals hit the spot with every note, leaving goose pimples on my skin. That he won X-Factor should come as no surprise, he is a true talent.

Well done James. Arguably one of the best live vocal performances that I have had the pleasure to witness. Can not wait to hear your next album….please come back to Bournemouth soon, we miss you already!


Check Out the official Photos taken Of James Arthur Live on the night HERE



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