Will Young – 85% Proof ★★★★☆

By: editor

With the stigma that seems to surround acts featured on the still very popular talent shows like X Factor and The Voice, it is an impressive feat in itself that Will young is still going. But he is, helped largely by the fact that he’s actually very good and never seemed to fall in to the generic sound that I guess is inevitable when all these acts are owned by the same person.

Where most of Simon Cowell’s experiments have become cookie cutter unit movers, Will Young has been moving further and further in to more mature sounds. 85% Proof is no different, bringing to mind epic pop ballad titans Hurts on many occasions.

Though this is certainly where he’s at his finest, he does tread a cheesier path at times. He doesn’t go full Stilton, but it’s almost enough to feel disjointed when he goes from serious and broody to all out northern soul….not enough to be a major complaint though. These songs are best appreciated as stand alone moments of shamelessly happy pop music. In the context of the album, I am only about 80% sure, that it works….they’re insanely catchy though!

The Album’s finest moment would be the breathtaking ” I Don’t Need A Lover”, including a minimalist approach, a great set of lyrics and Will Young’s strong vocals it clearly displays the talent that the 2002 Pop Idol winner processes.

All in all, “85% Proof” is the ultimate package that demonstrates more of Will Young doing his thing and doing it well! May his reign continue.


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