Fall Out Boy + Professor Green (The BIC, Bournemouth – 10/10/15) ★★★★★

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In what is quite possibly the most bizarre choice of support act of 2015, we have Professor Green playing before Fall Out Boy. Excuse me? That’s right, we have a quirky, wonky toothed rapper turned mainstream success with a very good dentist supporting pop-punk legends Fall Out Boy. No, I don’t get it either…

It’s quite obvious after a look around the packed out crowd that they don’t really care about the Prof. He’s not who they’re here for and half of them have probably never even heard of him. The look of total disinterest fills the room between instructions on how to move. When the crowd is asked to wave their arms, or jump, or raise their phones and lighters they happily oblige…but otherwise the overall mood here seems to be utter confusion.

None of this is Professor Green’s fault, he actually puts on a really good show! Alright, he looks a little lost on this big stage, but luckily he brought along his hype man, backing singer, DJ and running shoes in an attempt to fill it out. He rarely stands still and has a massive grin plastered on his face at all times, so you have to give him props for trying! Let’s be honest though, he doesn’t have the strongest voice, so would definitely be more suited to a smaller venue…and possibly a crowd of actual hip-hop fans. Something this crowd is not. It is all very over rehearsed, and of course there’s nothing wrong with knowing your songs, but when you’re using pre-written stage banter that doesn’t really seem to apply to the situation at hand, it all gets a bit embarrassing. Case in point: “Hope you guys have got enough energy left for the rest of the night!” (or something along those lines)…Yes Prof, they do. They haven’t moved.

But then enter Fall Out Boy. All it takes is for the intro video to be played to set off the deafening screams…these boys are a big deal! Kicking straight in with the mega hit that made them famous, Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down, it’s clear they’ll be throwing in some crowd favourites. The set is a sight to behold; big lights, steps, video screens and even fire! Low key, this is not.

There’s minimal between song banter tonight, and like Professor Green, what is said all seems a bit rehearsed, a bit too slick and all planned out. But again, this isn’t to take away from the amazing show! It looks great and it sounds huge! Even old classics like Where Is Your Boy sound beefier when played by Fall Out Boy of 2015. This is a band who have surpassed their punk rock roots and evolved in to epic, arena rock anthem playing superstars. They have a full hour and a half with us tonight, but rather than hang about, they play everything! I mean, not literally EVERYTHING…but they cram in a crazy amount of music here. This crowd is certainly getting their money’s worth and more! They dip in to just about every album, almost becoming a bit of a greatest hits tour…old fans and new are all catered for.

Absolute hysteria is created when after the room goes dark, and a stage wide video of what looks like the band in hockey masks is played, people start to notice Patrick, Pete and Joe have gotten a little closer while their backs were turned. Setting up right behind the crowd at the back of the room, the three axe-wielding members of the band launch in to a mini acoustic set. It’s a nice touch, and one not normally expected from a band like Fall Out Boy. But as awesome as this is, they are completely shown up when the lights switch back to drummer Andy, who is back on stage atop his flashing staircase. Pounding out an epic drum medley to a perfectly mixed selection of popular song snippets, all sandwiched between a larger than life, drum heavy version of the Game Of Thrones theme. It features a stunning display of lights, lasers and video that leaves the quieter moment we just witnessed an already distant memory.

Of course there is an encore, this goes without saying these days. The pace never seems to slow down though, and tonight ends on a massive high with old school fan favourite Saturday. Pete Wentz passing his bass duties over to the guitar tech so he can say a proper goodbye in the form of screaming his vocal parts from the front row of the crowd. Girls faint (probably), the crowd goes wild. Great success.

This is a much bigger, much louder and much flashier version of the Fall Out Boy I remember from Take This To Your Grave…it’s a different beast entirely. But without question, it is epic!


Also you can check out photos taken of the night right here! – enjoy.


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