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Following their announcement that they’ll be returning to the UK once again in February, Bowling For Soup have now confirmed that both The Dollyrots and Lacey will join them as support throughout and We were lucky enough to catch up and have a quick interview with frontman Jared Reddick.  The American Pop Punk legends are scheduled to play Bournemouth at The 02 Academy on February 12th and Southampton Guildhall, February 13th.


Hi Guys! How are you?  What have you been up to?

IT has been an eventful fall here! Lot’s of activities with the kiddos. Finally got a break from touring after the summer so that is good.


Compared to when you first started touring, how are you enjoying it now?

The shows are still the best part. The first few days of tour are always a blast and there are always fun times along the way. But age catches up, and missing the ladies and the kids and the dogs can take it’s toll. These are the main reasons we had to slow down a few years back.


You all have your own side projects so, where does the band go from here?

We have a good plan for the next few years. IT includes some touring, some new music and a bunch of fun “content” projects that we have always wanted to do. I definitely  think the fans will be happy with our endeavors!


You have been a band for 21 years now, what has that been like for you? Do you see the same people in the crowds just older or do you see many young people that are fans of the band?

It has been an amazing run.The great thing about our fans is we have fans that have been around 20 years and there are always new fans as well. It never seems to get stale…Which is good. Stale fans taste terrible!


After all this time, has there ever been times when you’ve thought “this is it for Bowling for Soup” and wanted to change the direction of the band?

Never wanted to change the direction of the band. We are what we are…That said, a few years back, when we did the farewell tour, that was the closest I have ever been to saying, I can’t do this anymore. It was more for personal reasons than anything else, which, looking back, it is hard to imagine what would have happened if we had stopped. I am glad we didn’t.


How does it feel to be doing another UK tour after the Farewell UK tour back in 2013?

It feels like it is time. I am in a better place personally, as is everyone else. I know we made some people wonder what the hell we were doing announcing a come back after 2 years. You just have to know, that 3 years ago, I honestly didn’t know what the future was going to be. I didn’t want to just disappear.


You’re going to be playing a show in Bournemouth & Southampton where we’re located on February 12th and 13th , can you say if you’re looking forward to it?

Of course. I don’t think we have been there for a while. I know the two places we are playing are REALLY big, so if you are reading this, please help us fill it up!!!


What can people expect to see from your Bournemouth and Southampton Tour Dates?

One never knows what to expect at a BFS show…But I guarantee smiles, singing along, and a whole lotta hi-jinx!


How do the UK fans differ from your home country?

There is a passion for music in the UK that doesn’t exist elsewhere. It is a part of your daily culture. And I LOVE it!


You recently re-recorded some old songs, what was that process like for you?

It was amazing in so many ways! To hear songs that are 20 years old, recorded with the skills we have developed and with modern technology was really cool. As we got towards the songs from 2001 and after, it became a bit of a challenge. But, I think we pulled it off!!


What made you want to bring out a best hits album and how did you select the tracks for it?

It just seemed like it was time. 20 years and 16 albums…That is a lot to choose from. We took every song that had a video or had been on the radio, as well as band and fan favs, and we were at 40 songs. That is why we decided to just explore the first half of our career.


Who would you say your musical influences for the bands are?

It is really diverse, which is good. But I think lyrically and singing wise, it is Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson and that old country story telling vibe…Show wise, we stole it all from Motley Crue!


Do you think that the pop-punk scene being more serious and emotional has made it lose its comedic effect that once influenced it?

Yeah, but I don’t think it is a bad thing. I am just glad BFS never got serious. I can’t keep up with that shit!


This being said, would you ever consider producing a more ‘serious’ album?

Not in this band. We are the band that makes songs that make a bad day better. Not worse!


Is there anything else you would like to add?

Yes! Thank you for the interview and I will see you in February!!




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