The Staves + Gabriel Rios (The Old Firestation, Bournemouth – 08/11/15 ) ★★★★★

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The night was started off by the super talented Gabriel Rios. With the additional help of a cellist and a doubles bassist, Rios performed a thirty minute set of intense and theatrical music. He delivers his songs like stories, captivating his audience from the off. He performed tracks from his latest album This Marauder’s Midnight and although many of the audience were unfamiliar with his music, his charm and charisma soon won everyone over. Rios performed his first single from the album ‘Gold’ which had a dance remix version made which hit the charts. I have no doubts that he will have found himself some new followers after this performance, some act to follow.

After a short wait, 3 girls from Watford who are better known as The Staves took to the stage. They opened with ‘Hopeless’, an entirely acapella performance, instantly captivating their audience. They were joined on stage by several session musicians, adding a bit of rock to the songs, without taking anything away from the girls performance. In fact, it probably enhanced it! This acoustic folk rock trio are best known for their harmonies, which was shown no better than half way through the night, when the girls gathered around the centre microphone to perform ‘Let Me Down’. The microphone was attached to a loop pedal, layering the harmonies, creating a ray of different sounds. These three are even better live than they are on the cd! In between each of the songs, everyone on stage were swapping instruments, which shows how talented this bunch are.
A highlight of the evening for me was when they performed ‘No you, No me, No more’. Even when the song had finished, the audience stood in silence for a second before applauding, still captured in the moment from Jessica’s beautiful vocals.
At the start of the set, the trio didn’t talk much, but they soon came out of their shell and were cracking jokes with the crowd. Talking about how they were in an old firestation and that there was smoke everywhere. They were in fact very humble girls and very appreciative and a little surprised by the reaction they were getting from the room.
Their set also included a cover of ‘Feel’ by Bombay Bicycle Club, who they’ve stated previously, are band they’d love to work with. This song was definitely a crowd pleaser.
It came to the point in the night where the girls would go off stage and return to do an encore performance, but because there wasn’t anywhere for the girls to go off to, they instead turned around to face the drummer and the lights dimmed. The audience applauded, the lights came back on and oh look they were still on stage! They performed an unrecorded track called ‘Tired As F*ck’ which I can’t imagine will be getting many radio plays without the amount of bleeping they’d have to do.
The set finished with ‘Teeth White’, which definitely proved to be a good choice, with the audience singing and clapping along, providing a great ending to the show.
However, this wasn’t quite the end. There was still time for a proposal on stage from some ‘dude’ the girls had been talking to on social media. He got down on one knee and the girls were on standby with the confetti. Thankfully she said yes!



Also you can check out photos taken of the night right here! – enjoy.




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