Marina And The Diamonds (O2 Academy, Bournemouth – 21/11/15 ) ★★★★★

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Marina and her freshly polished diamonds enter the stage to a video backdrop of a haunted forest straight out of The Wizard Of Oz. There’s been a bit of re-decorating for this gig, the purple carpet she performs on could not be more appropriate; it suits her quirky pop theatrics perfectly! In fact, theatrical is main theme of the night…the show is split in to three acts, each requiring a speedy costume change. First appearing with giant purple diamond mouse ears and flowing sparkly number, Marina is clearly loving every second of being here. Throughout the whole night that smile never leaves her face, she’s having the time of her life and you can’t help but get lost in the moment and smile along with her. The way she twirls, vogues and waves her arms around like a teenage girl performing along to her favourite songs in front of the mirror is exactly the sort of stage presence that sets her apart from the crowd. With that and her stunning voice, Marina is something a little different in the pop world and all the better for it. But along with this child-like innocence, there is a quirky grit, a cheeky splash of attitude that makes her so lovable.

Performing songs from across her career so far, we’re treated to a variety of quiet piano driven chill outs, to bass heavy dance starters and bouncy sugar coated pop. There’s a real party atmosphere tonight, which is carried by Marina’s boundless energy.

Act two sees our star emerge in a baby pink and silver sleeved jumpsuit waving her sparkly pom pom, while act three has a more glam look with a classier blue sequined jumpsuit and giant sparkly cherries on her head. It’s nuts, but it’s brilliant. The costume changes are filled with spectacular instrumental sections from her very talented band, there’s no break in pace as the musicians in question are not content to hide in the shadows but rather join in the party from the word go.

Classic singles like “Hollywood”, “Bubblegum Bitch” and “Oh No” go down a treat and this packed (and diverse) crowd is loving every minute of it…in fact, it’s really impressive to see what a mixed bunch this audience is, Marina has real crossover appeal thanks to the eclectic nature of her music, as proven here tonight!

It’s clear that Marina is genuinely humbled by the reaction she receives, and it’s obvious she would be very welcome to return soon! Not only does she have the songs to impress, but her playful, quirky and irresistible charm shines through, making her a truly likable and deserving star. Ending her set tonight on her stunning latest single “Blue”, she thanks and introduces each member of her band before her followers head out in to the cold. We’ve witnessed something amazing tonight, here’s to hoping next time she comes with a promotion to The BIC…she’s more than worthy of playing the bigger stages, and I imagine the show she would put on there would be mind-blowing!

Until next time, stay classy Marina!



Also you can check out photos taken of the night right here! – enjoy.


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