James Morrison ( 02 Academy, Bournemouth – 23/11/15) ★★★★☆

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After taking a few years out James Morrison is back on tour! He took to the stage at the O2 Academy Bournemouth, the perfect setting for his brilliant set.

With the band in place, and his guitar ready, James started the night off with “Under The Influence”. A song which everyone in the crowd was familiar with and had them all singing along. With a bit a wardrobe change and a new hair cut, James has bought a new look to the stage, but one thing that remains the same is his brilliant tone. The raspy vocals are something which is always recognisable.

He continued with more songs from his debut album “Undiscovered”, such as “Nothing Ever Hurt Like You” and “I Won’t let you go”, which got the crowd ready for some new tracks. He spoke about his time away from the spotlight, dealing with demons, but also enjoying doing everyday things like going to the pub! These experiences influenced him when writing his new songs. Becoming a dad and losing his own father also had a baring on his new material. Two of the stand out songs for me from the new batch were “Heaven To A Fool” and “Demons”. He’s still writing those catchy songs that stay in your mind.

We were beginning to get a good mix of old and new songs on the go. It was time for a classic, and when James started playing the chords to “Wonderful World” everyone was buzzing. This song is one of James biggest hits, and had the whole place rocking.

He performed a stripped back version of “Broken Strings”, unfortunately Nelly Furtado didn’t make a special appearance! However, this didn’t hinder his beautiful performance and he even held the mic towards the audience for them to sing a chorus.

There were some classics left out of his 90 minute set, but he did managed to find time for his debut single “You Give Me Something”, which had collected such worldwide success. He performed on stage like he’d never been away throughout the whole set, but was certainly at his best, when  performing this track.

There was still time to perform one more track “Higher Than Here”, which concluded a successful comeback.



Also you can check out photos taken of the night right here! – enjoy.





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