The Maccabees ( 02 Guildhall, Southampton – 24/11/15) ★★★★☆

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The Indie rockers from London took to the stage at Southampton’s 02 Guildhall , promoting their album “Marks to Prove it”, which was released earlier this year.
The night kicked off with the track named after their album title which warmed up the crowd nicely. They went on to perform songs from their earlier albums such as “First Love” and “Love You Better”, with the audience dancing recklessly and singing loudly, matching with the men on stage.
With the inclusion of new tracks, such as “Silence”, showed they are still one of the UK’s best live acts, receiving great reactions from the crowd. They also performed “Something Like Happiness”, the second single from their latest album which added to the highly energetic set.

Orlando Weeks showed his frontman credentials, not only with his impressive vocals but his regular interaction with the crowd, which made everything feel more intimate.
They performed “First Love” and their debut single “X-Ray” which was a massive hit with their spectators. The Maccabees have themselves a very strong following, which showed throughout the set with the crowd singing along to every word.
The whole band were very attuned with each other on stage, enhancing the performance, making it a truly memorable set.
With the end in sight, the crowd were treated to a 4 song encore, including “Toothpaste Kisses”, which was a special moment and then concluded with an energetic performance of “Pelican” to end the night.

The Maccabees were never a band I had listened to before this show, but I can now say I’ve been converted in to a fan, and I am probably not the only one.




Also you can check out photos taken of the night right here! – enjoy.





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