Status Quo (The BIC, Bournemouth – 10/12/15) ★★★★★

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There’s no denying that Status Quo are the quintessential ‘dad band’, your dad most likely loves them…or you’re a dad who most likely loves them. Myself being of moderate youth in comparison to my dad, with the clock ticking fast on the last of my twenties, I appear to be one of the youngest people here to see a band who has undoubtedly become a bit of a national treasure. Of course, there are other ages here, they are just outnumbered by the majority. There’s even a handful of kids here who clearly have the coolest parents ever to be going to rock concerts with them!

As the crowd bustles about, jovial chants passing from the front to the back of the standing audience, the atmosphere is unmistakably fun. When an act like this comes through, it brings fans together as a family, and tonight there are smiles all around.

The lights go out, five men emerge on to the stage in a uniform of white on top, black on the bottom. Long standing guitarist (and one of the Quo’s main driving forces) Rick Parfitt stands under a lone spotlight, legs spread eagle as he bashes out the opening chords. It’s about as rock and roll as it gets, it’s perfect. They may be getting on a bit, but as the whole stage becomes visible, these old boys are all oozing a punkish swagger, not quite ready to bring out the stools for a sit down gig just yet. Delivering their trademark stomping riffs with a massive side order of good times, Status Quo are on fine form tonight, proving that they are still as able to rock out with the best of them as they ever were. There’s a constant steady thud throughout as the standing portion of the crowd beat out the rhythm with their feet, there’s hands raised across the whole room clapping along to these old school classics.

It is not just the obviously incredible music that completes the experience though, frontman Francis Rossi is on fire with his between song banter. After only a handful of songs that are played through without uttering a word, he approaches his mic stand comically out of breath and forewarning the audience that should they hear a loud thud and find that one member of the band has keeled over, they should immediately take advantage of the photo opportunity. The humour intertwined through this stunning set list is all of the very British, self deprecating type. It’s absolutely brilliant! It only adds to the real family atmosphere…somehow, one of the biggest bands to ever come out of this country is able to make this big stage show feel like an intimate pub gig, while we are the friends and family members who have come along to ensure they don’t play to an otherwise empty room. Francis is constantly joking with the crowd, with a bit of friendly insults thrown in for good measure and introducing their other very important family members; the stage hands (directing everyone here to greet each one by name as they appear).

Tonight’s show is given a slight break in the form of an extended drum solo courtesy of the surprisingly youthful Leon Cave, presumably just long enough for the rest of the band to have a quick breather and mug of hot cocoa to keep them on their feet.

There’s plenty of crowd pleasers here tonight to ensure nobody goes home feeling like something was missing; In The Army, What You’re Proposing, Down Down. What really sets this room off though is when the epic intro to Whatever You Want begins with that legendary riff, leading straight in to a spectacular run through of Rockin’ All Over The World. Easily their two biggest and most recognisable songs, this is an insane highlight of the night that has the whole crowd going wild for the Quo. Just brilliant!

As the night comes to a close, all five members of one of the best loved bands from these shores take their leave. Not in a rush though, they make sure they thank everyone here as they make their way around the stage to wave everybody off properly. As I said before, this is a real intimate family atmosphere, and this only serves to complete that feeling, leaving everyone to head home with massive grins on their faces.

It’s been absolute pleasure to have these men of rock royalty here tonight, and what a show! I challenge you to find a band who’s having as much fun as Status Quo did on stage tonight, the love for what they do is still going strong and it can only make you love them more.


Also you can check out photos taken of the night right here! – enjoy.




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