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Bryan Adams (The BIC, Bournemouth – 29/4/16) ★★★★★

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Running straight to centre stage to kick off this, the second night of the Get Up tour in support of his new album, Bryan Adams is looking ever the professional rocker. Kitted out in a dashing suit jacket, with his band sporting the same…get up? (Please excuse the pun, had to be done. Also, that rhymes. Moving on…)

No time is wasted in starting the show, with the first part of the set list being a solely up-tempo affair. Perfect for setting the tone early on. Bryan may be a little older these days (though never too old to rock!), but his pipes certainly haven’t lost any of their power over the years. As he proves continuously tonight, his is a voice that cuts through all the noise and remains the focal point for the majority of the show. There is an awesome drum finisher and several magnificent guitar solos courtesy of his axe wielding friend Keith Scott, but it’s that signature raspy tone of Bryan’s that stands above all here, as shown off perfectly with an acoustic run through of When You’re Gone (sans Mel C). It’s here in particular that the real clarity of his vocals becomes clear!

The between song banter is kept to a minimum for the most part, but let’s be honest…when you have a 13 album deep back catalogue where the quality is as rich as the quantity, you can let the songs do all the talking for you. That’s not to say he ignores the crowd though, there’s opportunities aplenty for crowd sing-alongs, of which nobody passes up! When he is stopping to chat to the audience, he’s cracking jokes to keep the smiles going throughout the evening. At one point, Bryan addresses the audience asking for a volunteer, specifically a “wild woman”. This woman must have the moves and be willing to show the entire crowd how she gets down to the sexed up If Ya Wanna Be Bad, Ya Gotta Be Good. He finds that volunteer perched high on the balcony seats, where a spotlight illuminates her writhing and wiggling to the slowed down, dirty riff. It’s a section that provides plenty of laughs and plenty of dirty dancing, turning a high profile rock god in to a bona fide entertainer.

All the hits are aired tonight, ensuring that nobody goes home pining for their favourite song that didn’t get played; Summer Of ’69, (Everything I Do) I Do It For You, The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You, Heaven…the list goes on when you have as many classics as he does! And if tracks like Go Down Rockin’ are anything to go by, the new album (also titled Get Up) must be a belter of good time rock and roll.

As the night comes to an end, we’re treated to an encore featuring a rocked up version of C’mon Everybody and a surprising snippet of the Elvis anthem All Shook Up. As the cameraman down the front scans the crowd to be aired on a huge screen behind the band, it’s clear from the sea of smiles how this show has performed. Everyone has had the best time tonight, and it’s an honour to have seen such a legend perform in the flesh. Bryan ends the evening by sending his band back stage to slow it down on his acoustic guitar, finishing with his second and final audience request as a very enthusiastic gentleman fears the night will end without us hearing Remember. Bryan Adams, a true gentleman and born entertainer, happily obliges and is visibly humbled by the reaction he receives here. It seems that for some, the adoration people have for the songs you have written never gets old.

All that’s left to do as the final note is strummed is of course…a selfie for his Instagram.


Bournemouth, England. Thanks for the fab singalong! #bryanadamsgetup

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Pure class. A rock legend.



Also you can check out photos taken of the night right here! – enjoy.


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