Travis (O2 Academy, Bournemouth – 17/5/16) ★★★★☆

By: editor

What can I say about Travis that goes beyond nice and cosy, well there isn’t much more to be said than that, the gig wasn’t awe inspiring, head nodding, foot tapping type of music, just swaying in the breeze, maybe you have to be a truly Travis fan to understand their music.


To be fair though Travis’s followers were thoroughly enjoying themselves singing old classics such as Selfish Jean, Coming Around, Driftwood,  Re-Offender (quite a moving song written about his mother) to name but a few and new material from the new album (Everything at Once; album and tour title), Everything at Once, Animals, 3 Miles High, Idlewild and Magnificent Time.


There was a good amount of interaction from front man Fran Healy, but I’m not sure if this was intentional or whether the gig needed it to keep things flowing, but hey the fans loved it and that’s the most important thing, making the fans happy.


Before singing Where You Stand, Fran jumped into the audience, looking back at his band, seeing what we see, casually asking excited fans what their names are, letting them take selfies, then asking us all to sing Happy Birthday to one really happy fan.


Sing and Why Does It Always Rain on Me were the outstanding tracks for me.  I give this gig 4 stars as it didn’t rock my boots.


Also you can check out photos taken of the night right here! – enjoy.

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