Ronan Keating (The BIC, 1/10/216) ★★★★☆

By: editor

The only things I know about Ronan Keating are, he was in a boy band , ah yes called Boyzone, that he got married for the second time in 2015, and that I liked the song ‘Life is a Rollercoaster’, from way back.

Let’s start with the support act Mataxas, a New Yorker born to Cypriot parents, currently living in London, he is a once in a generation talent who will carve raw, honest, and sensitive infused songs into your brain where they will remain for a long time, his nod to the sad passing of Eagles Glen Frey- Hotel California was just superb.

Well I know a little bit more about Keating, after last night’s performance Saturday 1st October 2016. Being Irish he likes to chat a lot, a little bit too much I fancy, but none the less the predominately female audience seemed to really enjoy and lap it up.

From the very first second Keating stepped onto the stage the seated floor area turned into a sophisticated mosh pit, with fans dancing in their chairs, near the stage and aisles, with security having to do some crowed  control, even the event photographers had to dodge some fans.

To start the six piece backing band drowned out his voice, but you soon got to hear what great vocals Ronan has, as he belted out new album tracks ‘Time of my Life’ also a delightful ‘Breathe’, ‘Landslide’ a celebration of romantic bliss on which Storm (Mrs Keating) gets a writing credit, together with ‘Nashville’ (TV series) inspired ‘As Long As We’re in Love’.

Ronan Keating wanted to replicate his kitchen where he penned many a song, so with six stools, low lights, a stripped back cover version duet with Jo Garland; ‘Falling slowly’ taken from the musical ‘Once’ in which Keating made his debut a year ago. Keating then introduced his band members they delivered ‘The Way You Make me Feel’ and ’She Knows Me’.  Mataxas was reintroduced back on the stage to sing a duet with Ronan; Tracy Chapmans ‘Baby Can I Hold you Tonight’, a great cover and a great moment for any supporting act; well done Ronan Keating.

Keating closed the set with ‘Life is a Rollercoaster’ a great song and my favourite.

Encored with the aptly named song ‘The Long Goodbye’ rounded off the evening , before hinting he might be back with the boys’ so watch this space.

The Bournemouth crowed went home with happy smiles and a good show to talk about.

I give this show 4 stars, there was just something missing but I’m not sure what.





Also you can check out photos taken of the night right here! – enjoy.

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