Bastille (The BIC, Bournemouth – 28/10/16) ★★★★★

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Bastille’s first stop on their UK Tour was at Bournemouth’s BIC, promoting their latest album Wild World. The show kicked off with the very energetic Dan Smith coming on stage with the rest of the band to perform one of the tracks from their latest album, Send Them Off. This was the perfect curtain raiser, with the fans losing their shit almost instantly.
This was the first time the band had toured since 2014, so it was understandable how much energy they had put in to the show. Front man Smith, sounded exactly like he does on the album, even though he is constantly jumping around, he doesn’t put a note wrong. This impressed me the most, as the vocal prowess of Smith’s performance was sustained throughout the show.
They performed crowd pleasers from their first album Bad Blood, such as, Things We Lost In The Fire, Laura Palmer and Icarus, which had the whole place rocking! As the lights dimmed down, Smith appeared walking through the crowd as he sang the track Flaws. The crowd were jumping, Smith was jumping, the security guard was…not. With the fans all wanting to catch a feel of the front man, he had to be on guard as high fives were planted. A single spot light followed Smith through the crowd, which was a great visual to the show, especially for those in the balconies. This showed the importance of interacting with their fans, and they did it in style! After performing the likes of Glory, Warmth and Lethargy featured on Wild World, they then moved on to Good Grief, the lead single on the album.
It could be argued that the chorus is more catchy than that of Pompeii, but you can decide that. As the band started to play Two Evils, the spotlight panned to the left side of the balcony, where Smith appeared once again, accompanied by guitarist Will Farquarson (and security guard). This time there was no jumping with the fans, but a strip down to just voice and guitar.
This was a stand out moment of the night. As the show drew to a close, there was one more song left to perform. Smith invited back on stage Childcare and Rationale who had supported them on the night, to join in with the finale. With Smith still running about with as much energy as he did from the start, the crowd doing the same, Pompeii was the perfect ending to a pretty awesome show!


Also you can check out photos taken of the night right here! – enjoy.

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