Gabrielle (The Pavilion Theatre, Bournemouth – 7/11/16) ★★★★☆

By: editor

After seeing Gabrielle support Michael Bolton, I was more than happy to see her own show. I think her support set piece was better than the full length show, but this could have been down to the fact it was perform in the Bournemouth Pavilion, whereas the support act Gabrielle did was in the BIC or it could have been that the singer had just gotten over a recent illness.

None the less Gabrielle has a beautiful raspy, soulful vocal, which has delighted her devoted fans for the past few decades. Walking on to the stage to rapturous applause, sporting her iconic hair style covering her right eye and wearing a creamy oyster leather, calf length coat.

The show started with favourites When a Woman (my favourite), Give Me What You Dream, the crowd singing along, then came other songs that are less well known Tell Me What You Dream, Why, Every Little Teardrop, Give and Take, Ten Year’s Time, Sometimes, Latchkey Kid all beautiful tracks, Sunshine and Rise had the audience singing and dancing in their chairs.

Gabrielle talked frequently off mic, did a lot a whispering on mic, checking the set list, fiddling with her ear piece and having a battle with the microphone stand, I’m convinced Gabrielle also forgot her lines at one stage but soon recovered like the professional she is, with all this going on I’m not sure if this was engaging or annoying, but the crowd seemed to lap it up and helped her along.

With a short encore both Out of Reach and Dreams received the biggest appreciation, all the while the fans were dancing in the aisles, singing and a lot of hand shaking going on.

I give this concert 4 stars, all in all a great show I just wish Gabrielle stopped fidgeting.


Also you can check out photos taken of the night right here! – enjoy.

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