The Human League ( The BIC, Bournemouth – 25/11/16) ★★★★☆

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Going to a human league concert, you need to be a dedicated fan, but first I must mention the two support bands, one famous and one up and coming. The Ekkoes a fresh young band, easy listening with synthesizer elements, next up Blancmange, with 7 top 40 hits in 1980’s the only song I recognise was Living on the Ceiling from their half hour set, this went down well with the almost full Windsor Hall, BIC.

With a short break the main event went off with a bang, on walked Philip Oakey to rapturous applause singing Being Boiled, accompanied by very impressive light show screens, The Sound of the Crowd saw the girls come on Joanne Catherall and Susan Ann Sulley, a great start to the show, it got better when the light screens parted to the beat of Sky to reveal the rest of the band Drums, Keys, Guitar all very synthesized.

Sadly that’s where it started to get a little bit boring unless you are a die-hard Human League fan, at times I had more fun looking at the light show and all the different images that were being portrayed on the screens the simple reason I didn’t know many of the songs Heart Like a Wheel, Filling Up With Heaven, Open Your Heart, Soundtrack to a Generation, Seconds, The Lebanon, One Man in My Heart, Human, Louise.

Throughout the show Oakey was buzzing around like a bee going from Joanne to Susan, up to the band at the back of the stage and back to the girls it went on like this for most of the show, it was a little hard trying to keep up with all the movement, there were a few costume changes for both Joanne, Susan and Oakey.

Finally a song I did know Love Action (my favourite) and as it happened the crowd lapped it up as well. From then on the songs got better Fascination, Mirror Man, Don’t you Want Me all Human League Classics.

There was a short encore, Oakey sang The Things That Dreams Are Made Of, on his own, Joanne and Susan with a final costume change came back on stage and they all sang Together in Electric Dreams. The Bournemouth crowd singing and dancing in their chairs went home with happy smiles.

I give this concert 4 stars



Also you can check out photos taken of the night right here! – enjoy.

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