Elbow (The BIC, Bournemouth – 8/3/17) ★★★★☆

By: editor

There are times when reviewing a concert is really hard, this Elbow concert was such an occasion. If you asked any of the six thousand dedicated fans in the Windsor Hall, BIC, they would have said it was a night to remember and a brilliant show. I to would agree it was a great show; this is where I have a problem writing this review as I didn’t like the music. It has its own special niche in the music industry and I found myself wanting to leave quite soon into the gig, in fact two songs into it. So I asked myself what was wrong, well I came up with a few reasons, it was weird watching a capacity mosh pit just standing there transfixed, hero worshiping frontman Guy Garvey with few fans moving and the same could be said of the seated area with hardly any jigging of heads or feet. The songs Gentle Storm, The Bones of You, Mirrorball, All Disco, New York Morning, Little Fictions, Fly Boy Blue / Lunette, to me were all just too similar. They were rock but on slow speed with a hint of folk thrown in. I wanted to wind the band up, let them go, spring some life into them.
The flashing lights at the back of the stage were really not nice, very bright and in your face it was a little annoying, headache material. There were times when frontman Garvey walked from the spotlight to either side of the stage into darkness and I struggled to see Garvey from the back seated area.
On the bright side (pun intended) there was a good amount of audience participation; Guy Garvey soon had the fans eating out his hands, singing along. I must admit this sounded good as it lifted the roof off the BIC. Finally, ‘One Day Like This’ caused a great reaction from the crowd with everyone whipping out their phones, this bought a close to the set.
To finish the show Elbow sang Kindling, My Sad Captains, and Grounds for Divorce. This last song was the best as it had the best reaction and I actually like it. The crowd went home having watched a great concert with smiles in their hearts.
I can’t give this show any less than 4 stars just because I didn’t enjoy most of the music. It doesn’t mean they were bad, it’s just specialised music and their fans loved it.


Also you can check out photos taken of the night right here! – enjoy.

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