Olly Murs (The BIC, Bournemouth – 29/03/17) ★★★★★

By: editor

Olly Murs equipped with four very talented backing singers and a tight band including a brass section took to a sold out Bournemouth stage last night.  Powerful flawless vocals from the crotch grabbing performer, filled every corner of the venue, not a seat was to be had as the chart topping entertainer was back in town after 4 years to promote his latest album 24 Hours. It was a party to end all parties with envious onlookers only wishing they could be in attendance as they loiter the steps outside in the cold.

The evening’s performance included an impressive lighting show equipped with Pyrotechnics, complimented by lasers and atmospheric dry ice. The sea of admiring fans consisting of all ages, were  in for a treat as Murs promised a night of fun, dancing and laughs and he did not disappoint, despite it being a weeknight!

Oozing with confidence and appeal whilst looking dapper in his suit and tie combo, the singer songwriter made full use of the walkway to get closer to his fans. Despite the venue catering for over a 4000 capacity, Olly’s affable manner ensured you felt up close and personal.  The pouting 32 year old bum wiggler is a natural entertainer, showing his more serious side when he slowed the tempo down with effective pauses and dramatic stances, which saw him lost in the bright spot light. He sang every word with passion, to the point where I saw a tear stream down his face as he finished belting out one heart wrenching melody.

A nice highlight of the evening was the “Crazy 10 Minutes” where Murs strutted his stuff to a string of 60’s 70’s, 80’s and 90’s tracks which included covers of popular anthems; That’s the way I like it, Never too much, Jump Around and MC Hammers U Can’t Touch this, before he returned to the stage to perform his chart topping hits, Troublemaker and Dance with Me.

A personal highlight of the 90 minute evening was the stunning and emotional performance of ‘Dear Darlin’ and the sensational performance of audience favourite ‘Heart Skips a beat’ but too soon the set was over.  Now, I am left wondering if Olly and the rest of the audience he made friends with last night, ended up going to the Oceana for a few ‘bevvy’s’ and Pineapple Vodkas in the end as  requested? With the soaring energy levels and contagious smiles bouncing off of all those in attendance as they have witness this evenings 5 star performance, I wouldn’t be surprised if the bar had a sudden surge of customers, ring led by your favourite cheeky chappy as we all left the BIC feeling like we became best friends with the platinum selling artist from Essex.



Also you can check out photos taken of the night right here! – enjoy.

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