Rick Astley (The BIC, Bournemouth – 07/04/17) ★★★★★

By: editor

I was quite intrigued about going to a Rick Astley concert, apart from being a pop star from the late eighty’s that is all I knew about this 80’s star. I came away from his ’50 Tour’ in Bournemouth with an entirely different view.

Rick Astley put on the perfect show, with the right amount of new and old songs with the likes of Coming Home Tonight, Together Forever, Keep Singing, This Old House, Hold Me in Your Arms, It Would Take a Strong, Strong Man, Whenever You Need Somebody, Pieces, Cry for Help, Sleeping, Superman, Angels On My Side, Pray With Me. Astley also did a great cover of Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You which the crowd went nuts over, the interaction was just as well received, the right amount, Rick did mention that he realised that most of the men that attend his concerts were dragged there by their other half’s.

I never realised how good a singer he is, if Michael Bauble sang pop songs Astley would give him a run for his money.

I enjoyed the bit when Astley made us girls against boys, (you could almost hear the men groaning) had us all singing separately, I’m saying the boys won only because they have deeper voices and were louder.

An avid fan in the front row threw a black bra at the singer, and with a smile and swagger he flung it over his shoulder to a ruptuorous applause from the audience.

The songs I liked best were his new songs, from his new album ‘50’.

All too soon the encore was upon us Take Me to Your Heart, We Found Love, Never Gonna Give You Up, a great night out was had by all and everyone went home with happy smiles, if the men didn’t like Rick Astley before they sure do now.

I give this concert 5 stars.



Also you can check out photos taken of the night right here! – enjoy.

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