Adam Ant (The BIC, Bournemouth – 20/05/17) ★★★★★

By: editor

Adam Ant is one amazingly gifted human being and a genuinely beautiful one – his absence from the music scene has created a gaping black hole in the music industry over the years and you will never get another Adam Ant – welcome back with the Anthems: the singles tour.

The lights went out, the applause magnificent, curtain removed, but not before a rendition of the ‘March of The Toreadors’ (Carmen overture) – having everyone guessing what was going on.

Sporting his signature Hussar style jacket (from the Napoleonic War), black eye liner, black leather jeans, black leather knee high boots, and straw hat, burst on to the stage singing ‘Beat my Guest’, ‘Vive Le Rock’, ‘Dog Eat Dog’, ‘Apollo 9’, ‘Friend or Foe’ 5 songs before Ant even spoke to the eager Bournemouth crowd. The show went on with Ant and his theatrical antics much to a delighted audience, I was wondering when I was actually going to recognise one of Ant’s classic songs. Finally ‘Antmusic’, all of his classics had the biggest reaction from the crowd ‘Stand and Deliver’, ‘Goody Two Shoes’,’ B-side baby’, ‘Prince Charming’ (the best one for me).  Adam got the crowd singing along with him, but that’s not to say they weren’t singing beforehand,  Ant just got his Ants to sing louder.

Adam introduced his band, Andy – Drums, Will – Lead guitar, Jola – Drums, Joe – Bass guitar, Adam -Second guitar. I was impressed that Ant had a lady drummer and it was great to watch her, Ant likes having two sets of drums because he can and ‘its louder’.

The encore came, the fans wanted more, they got more ‘Lady/Fall In’,’ Red Scab’ and the last which was quite rocky ‘Physical’(You’re So). I can’t say anything negative about the show, but I did think that being a dedicated Adam Ant fan was definitely a good thing. The show came to an end and everyone went home singing Prince Charming.

I give this gig 5 stars



Also you can check out photos taken of the night right here! – enjoy.

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