Olly Murs (BIC, Bournemouth) – 09/05/2019 ★★★★★

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Olly Murs celebrated his 35th birthday on Tuesday night rocking the Bournemouth International Centre, on their feet from the first beat as he emerged from within the crowd seats taking everyone by surprise.

Bournemouth bellowed with cheers and wolf whistles when Olly and his band came onstage with his electric personality as he shouted: “Let’s go Bournemouth,” while taking on his own version of “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran – a definite crowd pleasure.

He screamed: “It’s my birthday! It’s good to be back guys. Listen to all my sexy ladies if you’re here for a good time tonight say ‘Hell yeah!’.

“And all the fellas who are with me tonight say ‘Oh wow!’

“The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire. Everyone how are you doing?


“I’m working on birthday today and very happy to be here in Bournemouth so don’t let me down on my birthday.

“It’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to.

Olly dedicated his song “Talking to Myself” to his fans encouraging them to speak up about mental health as the room lit up with mobile phone torches.

He said: “You don’t always have to be that strong person. We all have weaknesses and I think it’s important to speak up.

“You’re not on your own. I thought ‘I’m a man I don’t need help’. But I was wrong. I went and saw a therapist and I sorted it.

“There is always someone out there willing to listen to you. Don’t do it alone.

“If this song helps one person tonight I’ve done my job.”

With plenty of scattered empty seats in sight at such a fantastic show it was surprising that it hadn’t been sold out.

I think from tonight it’s obvious to me why Olly has been named the most successful X Factor contestant ever.

Not just a great singer but a wonderful performer with a contagious stage presence!

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