The Script (BIC, Bournemouth – 23/02/2020) ★★★★★

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This week it was not just any ordinary Tuesday,  Irish band ‘The Script’ rocked their way to Bournemouth, with main support from chart topper Becky Hill.

It is not often these days for a main support act having the following and talent that is able to captivate a sell-out concert like Becky, congratulations to her, and for warming up this Bournemouth crowd. Becky has definitely got a prosperous future in front of her and is one to watch out for.

Either way, Becky delivered a sterling performance that provided a little ray of sunshine in the hearts of onlookers. I hope she does just as good of a job when she is back in November for her own headlining show.

However, tonight was all about our favourite trio consisting of talented frontman Daniel O’Donoghue.  The Bournemouth crowd made it a night to remember and so did The Script, at the end of the first song ‘Something Unreal’ they did a glitter burst, after a few more songs,- Superheroes, Talk You Down, If You Don’t Love Yourself, Rain- with  good background computer graphics of a waterfall, (I was hoping that it didn’t give me the feeling of a much  needed  bathroom break). Up next ‘The Good Old Days’ with a good show of Lasers, then came Nothing, with frontman Daniel O’Donoghue asking for someone in the front row to ring an EX partner up – so he could sing to them down the phone, it certainly made one lucky fan’s night, or maybe not for the person on the receiving end of the phone.

More bursts of colour accompanied the stage from floor to ceilings with lasers a plenty. After ’No Man Is An Island’ the Trio  disappeared for a few moments only to pop up in the seated area, surprising the audience as they began singing stripped down versions of ‘Run Through Walls, Never See Anything’, much to the delighted fans ( it was a lovely  touch and admirers were sat in awe as Daniel oozed appeal with vocals to match!)

The biggest cheer and highlight of the evening was firm fan favourite, ‘The Man Who Can’t Be Moved’ with everyone singing, this was a spectacle that united the entire audience and was an impressive moment for the Band.

What with all the explosives; Glitter , Pyro techniques and Streamers, accompanied with heavy haze, impressive audio visuals- (which was a tad distracting at time) all the Trio was left needing was Acrobats and clowns and The Script would have their very own circus going on! but in saying that, the concert was well received by the devoted fans,  Overall, There wasn’t much to dislike about this concert, other than it ended! 

So come back soon, and a well deserved 5 star performance.

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